Careers in Renewable Energy


Renewable energy offers a wide range of careers. with the different kinds of energy source - wind, hydro, tidal/wave, solar, biofuels - relying upon many quite different sets of skills.

Unlike conventional power generation, the sector is not dominated by engineeers seeking to squeeze the last drop of efficiency gain from high-tech plant. Instead, issues of siting and fuel chain management are just as likely to dominate, and this can make for some very interesting challenges.

One of the great attractions about working in the field is that the scope for growth is huge, driven forward by government policy and public concern. Renewable energy is already the fastest growing area in the energy sector, with a recent government paper suggesting up to 35000 new jobs being created in the years to come.

Pay levels are good - as you'll see from the jobs on this website - and there are already signs of skills shortages in key areas, which will help to keep salary levels rising. And there are many different kinds of company and organisation to choose from, from the large utilities and manufacturers to tiny project development companies aiming to exploit a partcular fuel or location.

If you've got a relevant technical or non-technical background, and are prepared to show drive and commitment, the opportunity exists to develop a successful career in a field where you can contribute to the fight against climate change and environmental damage.

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